Perfect Player 1.5.2 (FULL) IPTV/Media

Get Perfect Player IPTV 1.5.2 full (Free advanced IPTV/Media player) with nice semi-transparent OSD and the ability to control playing in full screen with Multilanguage support, English, Greek, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Ukrainian. Awesome Playlists formats supported: M3U, XSPF, EPG formats supported: XMTLV, JTV, udpxy (UDP-TO-HTTP proxy) support, Watching, scanning, playlist generating, Scalable OSD, Video and OSD menus renders correctly with any window size and resolution.

Perfect Player IPTV 1.5.2

  • Added new theme “Graphite” (very nice)
  • Added “Info bar position” (Top/Bottom) option for “Graphite” theme
    (Full version feature)
  • Keep up to the past 7 days on EPG update for “catchup” playback
  • Expanded additional EPG info window size (“Right” key press during playback)
  • Keep current EPG shift on set/cancel programme notification
  • “Right” key press acts as “PageDown” when in groups list
  • Fixes and improvements

Perfect Player IPTV

Full version all available functions


Important: Uninstall previous version and install this new version.