Tivimate Customization [Customize Your Playlist]

You might know that there are more than 1 hundred thousand titles available in the playlist including TV channels, series and movies. You can easily customize your playlist using the following method given below. Enjoy Tivimate Premium Apk and watch unlimited movies and series without ads or any interruption. Watch the video below for complete guide on Tivimate Customisation.

Tivimate Customization

TiviMate offers extensive customization options, allowing users to personalize their IPTV experience. Users can customize playlists in TiviMate by organizing their channels and adding or removing specific channels according to their preferences. The app allows users to create multiple playlists, giving them the flexibility to categorize channels based on genres, languages, or any other criteria they desire.

Users can also rearrange the order of channels within a playlist and customize the channel logos and names for a more personalized look. With TiviMate’s customization features, users have full control over their IPTV playlists, tailoring them to their unique viewing preferences.