Tivimate for iOS [iPhone, MacBook Installation Guide]

When it comes to IPTV Players, tivimate is one of the most favorite choice of the users. As per research, more than 2 billion people use Apple iOS device and many of them use IPTV services. As a Tivimate lover, you must be looking for a method to install Tivimate Premium APK file on your iPhone or MacBook device. TiviMate Companion Apk is required to use tivimate application.

What is iOS?

iOs is basically a proprietary mobile operating system of Apple that runs on handheld devices such as iPhone, iPod Tough and iPad. Apple has different OS for desktop and laptop called Mac OS X. Apple iOS stands for iPhone operating system. Also check Tivimate for Android Tablet.

Tivimate for iOS

Installing Tivimate Premium APK files directly on your iPhone is impossible. The reason behind this is such files are designed to be run on Android devices. However, jailbreaking a phone, especially iPhones, is a procedure that involves modifying a phone to avail unrestricted access to file systems.

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You need to look for the IPA file equivalent of APK file which you would like to download. This way you can install Tivimate APK on your iPhone without jailbreaking but if it doesn’t work, you need to do the jailbreaking process which is risky and we don’t recommend you to do that because this way, you will loose your phone warranty.

Download and Install Tivimate on iOS

You can simply jailbreak your Apple device and make it able to install APK file. Download Tivimate Latest Version from our website and install on your android Apple device to enjoy the Tivimate Premium Account Freely.