Tivimate Playlist [Add/Update/Setup IPTV Player]

Hi folks, you have the tivimate app and want to setup/update your app? There are so many countries using IPTV Players in these days as it’s popularity is increasing day by day. Today, we’re gonna show how setup and add your Tivimate Playlist in a few steps. You’ll learn the following things today.

A. How to setup your app
B. How to update your app

How to Setup Tivimate Playlist?

Follow the following steps given below.

1. It will ask you to enter the playlist information
2. Settings > 4 Screen >
3. Click on Play List > Add Playlist
4. Login to Screen > Login to Xtreme Codes
5. https:h.tvalt.xyz:2052
6. Click on Next
7. Processing
8. Rename your playlist name
9. Press okay.
10. You’re all done.

Enjoy tivimate app playlists and don’t forget to download latest and updated version of Tivimate Premium Apk from our website for free. Hope you like our article, please comment below with your thoughts.