Tivimate Premium Black Friday Sale [Prices Update]

So the black Friday is here and many people are asking if Tivimate premium APK ever go on sale ever go on sale on days like Black Friday? This article is for those users who are still using a free version and expecting tivimate to cut down it’s prices by half, so they can subscribe and enjoy the unlocked and premium stuff.

Tivimate Premium Black Friday Sale

Unfortunately, tivimate did not reduce it’s prices on black Friday and keep the original price on the google play store. Users believe that something which is 5/6 pounds for a year or 15 for lifetime, how cheap are you expecting it to go? They ain’t gonna reduce price to 2p or something.

Some added on our facebook group” hard to believe people do not realize the true value of a product, if they only realized that Formuler has come out with the Z11ProMax that almost does as much as Tivimate but that price tag is $269 Can or $200 USD and they are looking for a sale on a $29 price tag boggles my mind. Pay the money support the developer and enjoy the produce.”

Final Verdict

So, in short, tivimate is still have to same prices and we recommend you to subscribe for a lifetime package to enjoy it for free for the rest of your life.