TiviMate Best Settings [Premium Unlocked IPTV Player]

TiviMate is a popular app that offers live TV to Android viewers, however TiviMate best settings is so crucial to use it properly and best settings for firestick is so important. TiviMate Premium Apk is an all-inclusive IPTV Player for those who wish to watch online videos and obtain other video services outside of Android’s stock functions. You can download the app and install it on your Android device or you can stream content online with ease. This means you can use the app to watch live TV channels from your IPTV provider and even enjoy pre-recorded shows, movies, or VODs on demand!

TiviMate Best Settings

First of all, if you’re looking for the TiviMate best settings, you need to make sure that everyone’s settings will be different. For further clarification, it means that trial and error, everyone’s connection and provider is different.

tivimate best settings

You are painting with a broad brush but basic is:

  1. Box – Shield Pro
  2. Buffer – None
  3. Audio, Video decoder – Hardware
  4. AFR – Off
  5. User Agent – Not Set

If you’re confused about the settings or having problem with that, make it to default settings and don’t change anything. Don’t forget to leave your comments for further discussion. Furthermore, we have guide on how to Install Crackle on FireStick for Free Movies & Shows online.


Hope you liked the Tivimate best settings available from tivimatepremiumapk.com. TiviMate is an Android application that belongs to the category of entertainment, and it’s a platform based on popular channels that broadcasts television. It offers the ability to broadcast streaming programs and watch them on your TV box or TV, which makes it a good station for watching films. This program supports several languages ​​such as German, French, Spanish and vice versa. Enjoy Best Setting for Firestick.

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  1. Anyone know how to contact tivimate. I have a new email address and don’t have access to my old one. As such I don’t know if my subscription has run out and their email address on this site doesn’t work?


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