TiviMate Premium Apk Pros and Cons [IPTV Player]

Tivimate TV viewing works so great and interface is really good. Tivimate allows you to stream movies, TV shows, and music on your Android smartphone or tablet PC. Because all its content is stored in the cloud, it must be faster than torrents. Every applications has some spectacular features and some flaws. Here’s the list of Pros and Cons of TiviMate Premium Apk IPTV Player for Firestick.

TiviMate Premium Apk Pros and Cons

Tivimate premium apk pros and cons


  • The free version is so great. With premium version, you can install Tivo Stream 4k device and record/play back, setup a NAS storage. You can set reminders and add differnt source accounts which also known as EPG’s. Adult content also can be locked out or disapproved.
  • With Premium service, you can use Nvidia shield pro. Their support team is so active and reply to your emails within a few hours.
  • It has very tidy interface and you won’t face any issue with EPG if your system date and time is correct.
  • You can play recordings on IPTV cosmiTV/ATV 11 etc. Also see TiviMate Firestick Remote Guide.
  • After the new update v3.7.0, it’s working so great. You can sign up as beta tester to check the premium features for free.
  • So many FB supporting groups are available. Do yourself a favour and get the Companion and unlock all the benefits of Premium worth the money.
  • Now you can easily modify channel names, that means many more hours of intense tweaking.
  • You are only missing the TIZEN OS capability. It also support .gz EPG files which means you can add compressed guide compatibility.


  • This app may not get to work on few of devices like (Smart TVs or fire sticks).
  • There’s an issue of ParserException which was faced by few people.
  • It supported only for one platform including Samsung Tizen OS in the upcoming updates.
  • Switching channels is complicated, only possible in the main menu.
  • There may be buffering problem in the premium version.
  • Sometimes trying to upgrade to Premium on TV box doesn’t work. You may get error ” Error Something went wrong on our end. Please try again”.
  • It works flawlessly on my Nvidia Shield, but for some reason it’s might not work on Firestick.
  • The 5 day free trial plan works fantastic but when you buy the premium plan, sometimes, it will NOT let you log back in, and says username and password don’t match.

Summing Up:

Even though this app has some flaws but on the other side, the record function alone makes TiviMate the best app of its category. Hope you’ve enjoyed reading these pros and cons of TiviMate Premium Apk, if you have facing similar problem and feeling great using this app, feel free to drop a comment down below.

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  1. Bought Tivimate a few times
    But after a computercrash, I tried to install the Pro-version again, but as monetioned above in this article the password and username was not accepted. I bought Tivimate Pro and paid with Google

    Hans Minekus

  2. Using tivimate premium on Nvidia shield and every recording has parser exception. They download onto an external HDD fine but won’t play. I have tried with and without VPN

  3. I’ve downloaded tivimate and subscribed to the premium. Everything went well for 2 days and now i get the ParserException and uninstall the app does not fix this problem I’ve already done thats but some series will play and others give this error message. What could be done about this? Thank you kind regards


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