Armobsoft FZE Dev [Formerly ARMobile]

AR Mobile Dev which recently replaced with Armobsoft FZE Dev has been a developer for the Android Freeware platform for over 3 years. They are in good standing with Google Play Store and have two apps listed. Their most downloaded app is TiviMate Companion and the other app is TiviMate IPTV Player Apk, and you can also download Tivimate Premium Apk for android. To contact AR Mobile Dev, you can drop an email to: [email protected].

Armobsoft FZE Dev

Armobsoft FZE is a popular Android app developer with millions of users and thousands of positive reviews. Founded in 2019, Armobsoft FZE has already published 2 successful apps on Google Play. The TiviMate IPTV Player app currently remains the most popular app, with over 100 thousand downloads to date.

Address: UAE, Umm Al Quwain, One UAQ Building, 508/3

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If you need more information about Tivimate MOD APK, please feel free to drop a comment below or email us.

20 thoughts on “Armobsoft FZE Dev [Formerly ARMobile]”

  1. HI, i forgot my password for premium account. How can i reset the password.
    I have paid for lifetime.

    Joakim Jonsson

  2. I did buy the premium version, I did logout and login because it doesn’t unlock. Now I can’t login. I did choose forget password, but the mail doesn’t come to my email address

  3. Hello how can I use all 5 of my device from my account in my house hold at the same time? Right now I can only use 1 the others give me a error.

  4. Hi, I need help adding a tivimate player and companion to my firestick.
    The application is installed but it’s not accepting my email or password.

  5. The posts here suggests there are problems but no support. Is there a number or email address to contact tivimate ? I recently wanted to speak to someone but the support cannot be found. It is a good product offering that I am using but I need to have a contact if there are issues. Please reply.

  6. Bonjour depuis quelque mois
    je fais la promo de votre application
    donc grâce a moi vous gagnez des installation
    juste pour savoir si j’ai le droit a des petit cadeaux ou des premium gratuit
    merci de me répondre

  7. How do I get the premium tivimate I don’t have any android device to pay for the app. Is there some other way I can pay for this?

  8. I have tried to purchase the full app, but the payment is still pending in my account, because you have not taken it, please let me know when I can use the full version, thank you, Lawrence Page

  9. Hi, I have your app, I am trying to change the saved recordings folder, but every time I try to change to a folder on my ssd drive it fails, can you explain why?


  10. Hi im having issues trying to purchase tivimate premium from google play with the companion app i have signed up but the payment just doesnt go through getting error on android if you could get me premium please help

  11. Hallo ,habe Tivimate Premium gekauft. Kann nicht Festplate USB zuordnen.
    tivimate system picker ist nicht vorhanden .Wo kann ich tivimate system picker aktivieren. Festplatte ist sichtbar aber bei zuordnen komm fehler Meldung. Sony fernseherBravia 4K VH2 Android TV 10

    MfG Heinrich
    Hello, I bought Tivimate Premium. Cannot map disk to USB.
    tivimate system picker does not exist .Where can I enable tivimate system picker. Hard disk is visible but when assigning come error message. Sony TV Bravia 4K VH2 Android TV 10

  12. Forget my password and my email was suspended by Google so I cannot use forgot password. can I be sent a new password?

  13. Hi, I need to buy a TIVIMATE account. for my clients. If you have the occion to be a reseller. to be able to have accounts for my clients


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