ARMobile to Armobsoft FZE [Tivimate Companion & IPTV]

News Updated: ARMobile to Armobsoft FZE: Recently the news came about ARMobile that they have changed their Developer name to Armobsoft FZE and also replaced their address of their company from Belarus to United Arab Emirates. Basically, Armobsoft FZE is the actual developer of Tivimate App and this application is only available for android devices and iPhone users can’t enjoy this app on their apple devices.

ARMobile to Armobsoft FZE

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ARMobile to Armobsoft FZE

As we have already explained that ARMobile to Armobsoft FZE, you can discover the latest and top quality Apps and games from more than 6,000,000 apps from playstore. Their new address is UAE, Umm Al Quwain, One UAQ Building, 508/3. Download latest and updated version of Tivimate Premium Apk by following the best settings.

10 thoughts on “ARMobile to Armobsoft FZE [Tivimate Companion & IPTV]”

  1. Hallo Tivimate Team,

    İch habe Tivimate auf Android TV installiert erste Woche war alles in Ordnung danach Premium angefangen jetzt habe Problem mit aufnehme Funktion ich kann keine Kanäle mehr aufnehmen ich habe nichts geändert aber Aufnahme startet nur 1sek.
    İch bitte um ihre Hilfe.

  2. I have put in correct Xtream codes and still not working I have had tivimate premium for over a year now with no problem but now error httpdatasource$httpdatasourceexception comes up

  3. When I record iptv with tivimate, 1 hour recording requests complete. When I record a sports program that is 3 hours long, it stops after 25 minutes. What am I doing wrong?

  4. When I go to get my subscription it says Google play error clientis already in the process of connecting to billing service. I never get anything from google pay!

  5. I am attempting to set up a account but when I try on line it always states “ not available now, try later “
    I have been trying all weekend.
    Please advise and thanks for your help.

    David Maedel


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